GROM cookies


It all started from a simple idea: to find out, for our Crema di Grom, “meliga” cookies made according to our philosophy and gluten free. It wasn’t so simple, so, we became gelato makers that also make cookies. We studied for a long time the different flours gluten free and how to balance them at their best to obtain recipes with a label as short as possible and our everyday taste for excellence .

We had to learn a lot, but we already knew the most important lesson: there is no secret behind a good recipe, only high quality ingredients treated with care.

We started enjoying it, and after meliga cookies, we started to make pistachio, hazelnut and chocolate cookies; all raw materials that we learned to love making gelato. You can taste them in our gelato, on a cone or simply: one after another.

flavor of the month


From the combination of our cream gelato with ricotta cheese, strawberries and meliga cookies we create our interpretation of Strawberry Cheescake, flavor of the month of May!
The strawberries, as all red fruits, have a delicate level of acidity, perfect to add freshness to gelato and thanks to their sweetness they balance the acidity of ricotta, a cheese with a fresh and intense flavor , perfect to give character to our gelato.



Gelato good as in gelateria...outside gelateria!
From today you can find our iconic flavors also in a tub: new size, same philosophy.