"Ispired by Italy's Slow Food movement, Federico Grom and Guido Martinetti..."

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"...we went to Grom in Florence, oh my god, what is that flavor? that's something of the woods?"
Sarah Jessica Parker interviewed by Fabio Volo Italo Americano MTV



"...the best words – apart from 'delicious' – would be 'balanced', with each ingredient nicely playing off the others rather than one shouting over th rest..."

New York Times
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“…the purest, the cleanest, freshest flavors, with a dense rich texture. The winner.”

New York Magazine
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“…the result is not only good for you… it tastes fantastically good as well”

Carlin Petrini, President of Slow Food

La Stampa

"…all-natural, top-notch gelato…"

Daily Candy - 8 May 2007
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"...l'ambition de Guido Martinetti et Federico Grom? Prépares le meilleures glaces du monde."

Martine Valo

Le Monde
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"...they recently bought a 20-acre organic farm in Northern Italy to grow their own gelato-bound produce..."

New York Sun
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