April’s flavor of the month: Dark chocolate, “Teyuna" chocolate chips and amaretti cookies.

A marriage of love

In the month of April DOMORI's extraordinary Venezuelan “Ocumare" chocolate meets the amaretti, cookies characterized by a sweet and bitter harmony. The first due to the main ingredients: thinly ground almonds, sugar and egg whites; the latter the result of the noble apricot kernel (armellina in Italian).


A Bitter Sweet symphony

More than a cookie, this is a refined experiment with equilibrium - or a beautiful metaphor for life! - that requires a perfectly-balanced recipe. We researched and studied our process and recipe, and asked the famous Piedmont pastry chef Egidio Michelis to produce “hard" amaretti cookies for us, with dry dough; the ones whose crisp better complements the “Teyuna" chocolate chips.


But how did we let ourself become inspired by a legendary Piedmontese dessert…?

The pairing alludes to a spoon-dessert similar to the pudding, typical of the Langhe region (bonèt), made in its most simple version, with chocolate, milk, sugar, eggs and amaretti.

Pair it with our nocciola gelato… and enjoy!