29 January 2014

Guido and Federico on Men's Vogue 

We have applied to gelato the rules of wine: a good raw material is needed. Ergo to make a good gelato a deep knowledge of agriculture is needed

Guido and Federico tell Grom Phylosophy on the pages of Men's Vogue - Italy Edition.

Keep reading: http://bit.ly/1hLR0WX


07 January 2014

"Number One choice for hot chocolate in the City"

When you want good, I mean really, really goooood hot chocolate... think of Grom. Yes, the same Grom most noted for their authentic Italian gelato. 

NYC Foodie Girl tastes - and approves! - our hot chocolate. Keep reading on: http://bit.ly/1bLrVGp

03 January 2014

Yes, we are a serious eat! 

"With espresso ice cream and whipped cream, it's decadent and supremely chocolatey, not too sweet, and affordable considering its indulgence"

Ed Levine, food critic and Serious Eats creator, sums up a year of eating and includes our affogato in the must-eats of 2013 in New York! 

We can finally say - yes, we are a serious eat!


06 December 2013

What does food mean today? 

Love For collected 40 opinions from chefs, winemakers, journalists and entrepreneurs to investigate food from different points of view - tasting knowledge, pleasure, passion. “What does food mean today?”, “Can food be accessible?”, “Could communication add value to food?”. Theese  the three questions asked. 

Here is Guido's answers: food is hedonism.


13 November 2013

We choose for renewable energy

We do not inherit earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children   

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry  

And so we do with the Energy we use, if it comes from non-renewable resources as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. That’s why we have decided to make use for our stores in Itay and our centralized laboratory exclusively of renewable energy, coming from sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.


This has been possible thanks to Energrid, which provides us with green energy guaranteed by the Guarantee of Origin from renewable sources certificates (GO) and the membership to RECS International, the international system of voluntary certification.


21 October 2013

The Nanny @Grom Malibu

We have been watching her for years dipping the spoon in huge ice cream jars with Sylvia and Val and pining for Mr. Sheffield, but we couldn't imagine to see her one day with a cup (… and a cone?) of our gelato 

At our store in Malibu Fran Drescher – our beloved Nanny – with Deedee.

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