Do not save this flavor for your girlfriend who is always on a diet or for the health fanatics! The taste of yogurt, in fact, pleasantly comes out when combined with whipped cream and a small amount of sugar, and really lends itself to wonderful love matches with all summer fruit (peaches, strawberries, raspberries and melon) or with our cream and chocolate. A bit of trivia: in every kilogram of yogurt gelato, there is a half a kilogram of yogurt!

I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom

Yogurt is obtained by fermenting milk thanks to the use of lactic bacteria that make it pleasantly sour and rich in lactic acid, which has a beneficial effect on the digestion. We purchase this product in its simplest form - fresh whole yogurt - and use it together with milk, sugar and a bit of cream to obtain a simple but extraordinarily intense flavor.

We have chosen a high quality whole milk from Piedmont, in order to have it delivered every day to our laboratory. The quality controls on breeders and milkers are very strict, allowing for a gentler pasteurizing of the milk needed to keep its best qualities…the same qualities that you find every time you eat our gelato.