As many of you may know already, there are two ways to make whipped cream: using an instant machine, where the cream incorporates air thanks to a small compressor (just to be clear, the machine where the whipped cream is obtained by simply pushing a button) or using a planetary machine, where air is instead incorporated through the circular movement of a special "mixer" placed inside a steel container. The quality of the resulting product is very different: in the first case, the cream is full of air, almost inconsistent, while in the second case it is richer and tastier: in short… the true confectioner's whipped cream! Of course we had no doubts as to which method to use: we invested in machines with a very old patent (1950s) to assure you that at Grom's, whipped creams is truly "old-fashion". Enjoy it together with all our cream flavors, perhaps with a Battifollo biscuit, or in a sinful encounter with a strawberry or raspberry sorbet.