Too many ingredients, sometimes of low quality and rarely well-balanced - in other words, a real mess. This is too often the feeling you have when you sample a poor interpretation of a tiramisu, this great traditional Italian pastry recipe believed to originate from Venice or Treviso. Now imagine perfectly-balanced ingredients and, in place of the cream, its most well-known ‘cousin’, mascarpone: the result is a gelato that is rich and sumptuous without being cloying, successfully combining Bacio or Nougat with Tonda Gentile hazelnut in luxurious and slightly wicked union. If you want to add cream, don’t worry – Canto VI of the Inferno may well await you, but you'll certainly be in good company!

I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom

This extraordinary coffee comes from the pure mountains of Guatemala, where it is cultivated at altitudes between 1500 and 2000 meters, and is protected by warm winds coming from Mexico. The delicate toasting method enriches the hints of chocolate, caramel, citrus, and honey.

Teyuna chocolate is an exceptional selection of Trinitario cocoa clones made ??for us by Gian Luca Franzoni and Domori; the fruit ranges from yellow to red in color, and produces around 30-35 beans of an average weight of 1.2 g. Fermentation is prolonged for 7 days with 5 rotations of the mass, while the drying of the beans is strictly air-drying: this produces chocolate that is strong and intense, satisfying the tastes of the keenest connoisseurs of this extraordinary bean with its highly appreciated subtle notes of dried fruit, leather and candied black cherry.

The word ‘mascarpone’ derives from the local Lodi name for ricotta cheese, mascherpa, due to the similarity between the two fresh cheeses, from the point of view of both appearance and processing; mascarpone is obtained by heating the cream to around 85° and then subjecting it to acidification and coagulation to make the product dense, slightly acidic and with a creamy flavor and aroma.

The high-quality eggs we use to make our cream gelato come from hens who are controlled and inspected throughout the reproductive cycle. We use the egg yolks in our cream, vanilla, zabaione, and malaga flavored gelato. Enjoy flavors that is hard to find elsewhere!