We try to make this egg based cream just as our grandmothers used to: using the best eggs, fresh cream and a small amount of grated lemon peel, to soften the flavor and give it a slight hint of sharpness,. We use lots of eggs (the inspiration comes from Lydia's cuisine, the legendary chef at the restaurant "Da Guido" in Costigliole d'Asti), which must be of the best quality in order to avoid an unpleasant aftertaste.

I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
Cioccolato Fondente
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom

The high-quality eggs we use to make our cream gelato come from hens who are controlled and inspected throughout the reproductive cycle. We use the egg yolks in our cream, vanilla, zabaione, and malaga flavored gelato. Enjoy flavors that is hard to find elsewhere!

We have chosen a high quality whole milk from Piedmont, in order to have it delivered every day to our laboratory. The quality controls on breeders and milkers are very strict, allowing for a gentler pasteurizing of the milk needed to keep its best qualities…the same qualities that you find every time you eat our gelato.