Large quantities of wild blueberries, Sparea Spring Water, white cane sugar and a touch of carob seed flour: these are the ingredients of our wild blueberry sorbet with its distinct and refreshing flavor – a faithful companion to those who seek even in a simple sorbet the magical sensations of a walk through the woods. Enjoy it with whipped cream or with fiordilatte gelato if you want to soften the taste, or with raspberry if you want to stock up on vitamins; for those of you who are more daring and like to try unusual combinations, try it with fig sorbet and the famous Iberian ham Pata Negra de bellota (acorn) of Juan Josè Gomez(‘Joselito’), matured for 48 months and considered to be the best ham in the world - Pellegrino Artusi would take off his hat and bow in admiration.

I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom

A very deep purple, almost blue color, the pleasant sensation of the skin under the teeth, an extremely fresh acidity and a unique and intense aroma: these are the prerogatives of a true wild blueberry sorbet, which is quite different from that made with the more common cultivated blueberry (known as the highbush blueberry). August and September are the months in which this bush, which is today a rarity (you won’t easily find wild blueberry sorbet in other gelaterias), graces berry-pickers and enthusiasts with its precious berries. However, we must be careful not to fall into the trap of considering only Italian wild blueberries as a superior product: the best areas for gathering wild blueberries, in fact, are in the mountains of Eastern European countries such as Serbia, Hungary and Poland.

Yes, it’s absolutely true! Just like you would do at home, GROM has chosen to make its fruit sorbets, chocolate sorbet and espresso coffee with Sparea Spring Water. The water of the Sparea Spring comes from a unique place in the Alps of Piedmont, and is a pure, extremely light water that is the best accompaniment for the fruit of our farm mura mura.
It’s true, we’re a little crazy… but you can taste the difference!