This is one of the hardest gelato flavors to make because grapefruit juice has little fiber and a large quantity of it is needed to best express its aroma. Suffice to say that 1.5 kilograms of grapefruit are used to make 1 kilogram of gelato! However, we are certain that once you taste this sorbet, you will experience such a feeling of freshness and delicacy and you will like it so much that we will be repaid for all our efforts simply by the smile on your face!

I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
Pompelmo rosa
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom
Crema come una volta
I matrimoni d'amore secondo Grom

The grapefruit is a citrus that comes from India, and it is especially delicious thanks to its harmonious flavor, which is sweet, slightly sour and bitter. It ripens in the second half of winter, and it can be easily found on the market until early May. For this reason we like to suggest it as an alternative to the mandarin, with which it has in common the peculiarity of being an excellent source of vitamin C.

Yes, its absolutely true! Just like you would do at home, GROM has chosen to make its fruit sorbets, chocolate sorbet and espresso coffee with Sparea Spring Water. The water of the Sparea Spring comes from a unique place in the Alps of Piedmont, and is a pure, extremely light water that is the best accompaniment for the fruit of our farm mura mura.
Its true, were a little crazy but you can taste the difference!