As always, to make a high quality product the rule is simple: simplicity!
‘Ocumare’ dark chocolate, fresh whole milk, a touch of cocoa powder, white cane sugar, and voilà - a great hot chocolate, naturally thick, lingering and full-bodied.
Whether enjoyed on its own, as the most fanatic dark chocolate enthusiasts advocate (perhaps kneeling and bareheaded in reverence, as the great writer Alexandre Dumas Senior teaches us) or, for the more wicked appetites, accompanied by Grom vanilla gelato topped with whipped cream, hot chocolate is one of Grom's cult products.


Always researching for the best ingredients, we believe that the ideal place for cacao is Venezuela: here, in the northern state of Aragua, we collaborate with Gian Luca Franzoni and Domori to look for the best lots of the Criollo bean variety (clones 61, 66 and 67), appreciated for giving an incredible feeling of strength and persistence, moderate acidity and complex aromas of fig jam, baking bread and dried fruit.
This fantastic cacao variety, fermented and then dried in the sun, has the peculiarity of containing only 20-25 beans per pod (the cacao tree fruit) of 1.4 grams average weight. The lower yields, smaller size of the bean and considerable more complex cultivation, however, gives us that rare combination of strength and elegance, which is the unique prerogative the Ocumare chocolate.

We have chosen a high quality whole milk from Piedmont, in order to have it delivered every day to our laboratory. The quality controls on breeders and milkers are very strict, allowing for a gentler pasteurizing of the milk needed to keep its best qualities…the same qualities that you find every time you eat our gelato.