Our history starts in 2003 with a gelateria of 25sm in the centre of Turin, two friends, one dream: trying to do the best gelato in the world. Our products are made with cure, choosing the best that nature can offer, without tricks or shortcuts. As well as gelato makers, we are curious, detail freaks, agriculture nerds and emotional towards food; we have learned all we know by experimenting, making mistakes, tasting and trying again.

Today, you can find our essence also inside chocolates, spreads, jams and much more!


"We define our gelato as being ‘how it used to be made,’ because, just like in the olden times, it is produced without the use of flavorings, colors, preservatives, or emulsifiers. Its flavors and colors, therefore, come only from the seasonally available raw materials which, in turn, are produced by our suppliers without the use of additives."


flavor of the month


July’s flavor is really special. To realize it, we use lot of Yoghurt - half Kg for every kg of gelato! - whole fresh milk and cream. To make it crunchy and tasty at the same time, we decided to enrich it with our special granola: rapé coconut, sultanas and toasted hazelnut grains. Three extraordinary ingredients, added at the moment, that turn our yogurt gelato into a deliciously sophisticated treat.


same philosophy, new products

We are gelato makers with fruit passion. We decided to put our experience in marmalades and jams made without aromas, colorings and pectine. Why are so special?