Biscuit capresi

Inspired by the famous dessert of the island of Capri, the biscotto accentuates the fruit typical of Mediterranean baking. With Pizzuta d’Avola almonds.



Almonds have always been an essential ingredient in Italian confectionary. Literary texts in all the countries of the Mediterranean refer extensively to these nuts, which have been cultivated since ancient times and are generally processed with honey, milk and fresh or dried fruit. Almonds are harvested by beating the branches of the almond tree with long rods, in the period between July and August, causing the nuts to fall onto large sheets spread on the ground. There are several almond cultivars, but the most popular is the famous Pizzuta d'Avola. Cultivated in the areas surrounding the town of Noto, the Pizzuta d'Avola is also the most widely used almond in the local confectionery industry, since it has a slightly bitter taste that is ideal for balancing out the sometimes cloying sweetness of candy.

Ecuador chocolate

Ecuador chocolate

The Nacional cacao is grown in Arriba Mocache, Ecuador, and enchants its connoisseurs with its floral aroma and notes of dried fruit. It is a cacao of superior quality, defined as “fino de aroma,” and is the ideal chocolate for sorbets, coatings, and chips.


Nutritional facts/100g

Calories2392 Kj
574 Kcal
Total fat39 g
   saturated fat17 g
Total carbohydrate46 g
   sugars32 g
Protein10 g
Salt0,28 g


Latte, uova, mandorla.

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