Dark chocolate photo

gelato bonet

This flavour is a declaration of love for our native Piedmont, and its most iconic dessert: a dark chocolate and amaretto biscuit pudding that brings back the feel of family lunches and the Sundays of childhood. The tradition was to prepare it in a copper mould in the shape of a bonnet, hence its name "bònet". We are sure that this legendary sweet will soon find a place in your heart. One last thing, it's written "bònet" but pronounced "boo-nay".

venezuelan chocolate

venezuelan chocolate

The chocolate from Venezuela is one of the most aromatic in the world; its fine acidity brings out the caramel and tropical fruit aromas. These characteristics make it the perfect chocolate for a strong and complex-flavored gelato.

Nutritional facts per 100g
Calories0 Kj
0 Kcal
Total fat0 g
   saturated fat0 g
Total carbohydrate0 g
   sugars0 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g
Grom guarantees its customers, as evident in this ingredients list, the absence of the following additives in our gelato and in its ingredients: emulsifiers, colors, flavouring, preservatives.