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We always like to think that the best is yet to come and so even the last bite should be the best one, the one that leaves its taste in your mouth. This is why we wanted to inject a few special effects into that last bite: a 76% Ecuador chocolate cone, made with the same philosophy, ingredients and deliciousness factor as always. No flavourings, no colourings and, of course, gluten free! We recommend that real chocolate lovers try these cones on their own.

our cones

Canned chocolate cones

flavor of the month


The flavor of the month of September will amaze young and old! Latte e Cacao was born from the meeting of two of the most loved and classic ingredients of Italian gelateria: milk and chocolate! To achieve this taste, the selection and the perfect balance between raw materials is fundamental: we selected Ecuador 70% chocolate, velvety and enveloping, which perfectly combines with High Quality whole milk. Approved by chocolate lovers!!

Here is the flavor of the month


Gelato good as in gelateria...outside gelateria!
From today you can find our iconic flavors also in a tub: new size, same philosophy.

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