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    Gelato al marron glacé
  • Gelato alla nocciola
  • Panna montata e fragole


April, 21
Grom Goes Hollywood

Visit our brand new store Hollywood&Highland to taste authentic Italian gelato.

6801 Hollywood Boulevard

July, 07
Gluten-free dining in Italy?
Yes, it's possible. Don't miss the The New York Times ultimate guide to Northern Italy for gluten-intolerants.
Read it here:
June, 24
Guido & Federico on BBC
"I thought 'this guy is crazy' so ... we will do it"
- Federico Grom

Guido and Federico tell GROM story on BBC: best raw materials, high quality manure and a pinch of foolishness.
May, 23
Grom is LA's best gelato!
According to the foodies LA guide Eater, Grom is the best gelato in town!

Steps from the Pacific, this Italian import captures everything we love about gelato: the creamy texture, rich flavors, and vibrant colors. The cantaloupe, cassis, and peach are the purest expression of fruit in frozen form.
January, 29
Guido and Federico on Men's Vogue
We have applied to gelato the rules of wine: a good raw material is needed. Ergo to make a good gelato a deep knowledge of agriculture is needed

Guido and Federico tell Grom Phylosophy on the pages of Men's Vogue - Italy Edition.

Keep reading:
January, 07
"Number One choice for hot chocolate in the City"
When you want good, I mean really, really goooood hot chocolate... think of Grom. Yes, the same Grom most noted for their authentic Italian gelato.

NYC Foodie Girl tastes - and approves! - our hot chocolate. Keep reading on:
January, 03
Yes, we are a serious eat!
"With espresso ice cream and whipped cream, it's decadent and supremely chocolatey, not too sweet, and affordable considering its indulgence"

Ed Levine, food critic and Serious Eats creator, sums up a year of eating and includes our affogato in the must-eats of 2013 in New York!

We can finally say - yes, we are a serious eat!

December, 06
What does food mean today?
Love For collected 40 opinions from chefs, winemakers, journalists and entrepreneurs to investigate food from different points of view - tasting knowledge, pleasure, passion. “What does food mean today?”, “Can food be accessible?”, “Could communication add value to food?”. Theese the three questions asked.

Here is Guido's answers: food is hedonism.
November, 13
We choose for renewable energy
We do not inherit earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

And so we do with the Energy we use, if it comes from non-renewable resources as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. That’s why we have decided to make use for our stores in Itay and our centralized laboratory exclusively of renewable energy, coming from sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.
This has been possible thanks to Energrid, which provides us with green energy guaranteed by the Guarantee of Origin from renewable sources certificates (GO) and the membership to RECS International, the international system of voluntary certification.
October, 21
The Nanny @Grom Malibu

We have been watching her for years dipping the spoon in huge ice cream jars with Sylvia and Val and pining for Mr. Sheffield, but we couldn't imagine to see her one day with a cup (… and a cone?) of our gelato .

At our store in Malibu Fran Drescher – our beloved Nanny – with Deedee.

October, 11
L.A. , We are going to give you a taste!
Tomorrow we will take part, and lots of gelato will be along, @ Taste of Italy, the Food & Wine lover’s event presented by the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles.

Come and meet us!

August, 28
Paris, here we are. Along with our gelato!

Desperate students, movie buffs or mere Bibliothèque François Mitterrand passers-by, we inform you that Momo and Andrea are currently in position in our Ape Car ready to brighten up your afternoons with a nice chunk of fresh gelato. You will find us everyday from 12 pm to 10 pm , right in front of the mk2 bibliothèque theater! 

A warm welcome awaits you!

August, 14
You are going to fall in love and her name will be... Maria Marta!

At Mura Mura we got up early to pick our Maria Marta peaches: compact, good acidity and a mild "Muscat wine" arom. This means great sorbets on the way :-) 

July, 25
Grom shows up at the 20th anniversary of the Ferrari Challenge (Connecticut)!

The Ferrari F458 Challenge is one of the most famous motorsport championship that allows Ferrari F458 owners to compete against one another at many prestigious race tracks, both in Europe and in the United States. It celebrated its 20th anniversary on 20 July, as several thousand people attended the races at Lime Rock Park (Lakesville, Conn).

For the occasion, Grom gelato came along too: we held a stand for the spectators and our party box showed off in the VIP area!

July, 24
Tom Hanks in our Malibu store!

My momma always said "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get

… but sometimes it can just be like a Grom Stracciatella cone, you always know what you get: 6 mm Teyuna chocolate chips!

Tom Hanks in our Malibu Store…   definitely a cone to remember.

July, 19
The 6 best gelato in New York: CBS advises to stop over at Grom's!

"Gelato’ is simply the Italian word for ice cream, but you shouldn’t get the two confused. "

In the Best of NY column, Siobhan Wallace has inserted us in her rankings of the best "gelati" of the city, with a special distinction to our "luscious milkshake": we are proud and we want to to share it with you!



July, 16
Grom loves to party… and knows how to do it!

Grom Party Box at its dèbut: it contains two carapine of gelato (but the sweet tooth can have two boxes), it's easy to carry and - most important - is incredibly cute.

Get ready to party... softer!  

July, 08
Rachel Zoe @ Grom Malibu!

The super cool stylist Zoe, Rodger and - super cute - Skyler celebrated the 4th of July with a gelato @ Grom Malibu.

We hope there is room for a new reference from A to Zoe, G for gelato!

July, 05
How to hold one of the fastest men of America back?

With an extra portion of "panna montata"!

Aries Merritt, gold medal in the 110 meter hurdles at London 2012 and world record holder, visited us during Meeting Areva in Paris ... now we can finally say it: grom, the snack of the champions 

Thanks to Meeting Areva for the picture!

June, 26
Grom's Cart celebrates NYC Adventures

Our cart extraordinarily in the middle of Central Park to celebrate the annual Advevtures NYC, the day to discover the adventurous side of the park. We‘re now back to our usual location (5th Avenue and 72nd Street), but still have wonderful memories of our big day out. Thanks to all the friends who enjoyed a cone between a climb and bike ride and thr New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. 

June, 11
"A Gelato Lemon- a short movie, a long taste"

There are three secrets behind a great fruit sorbet: a great raw material, a great raw material and a great raw material. Or better four: also a great encounter. Like the one we had with the Consortium of the Limone di Siracusa PGI, with whom we share philosophy, passion and ... lemons.

We are proud to present the short film "A Gelato Lemon- a short movie, a long taste", made by the Consortium - the story of a lemon from Syracuse lemon trees to our Sorbet. (... the litmus test of any gelato maker!) ...

June, 05
Adam Sandler & Ludacris @ Grom Malibu! 

This week we had the honor to host Adam Sandler and Ludacris in our Malibu store: two other pictures for our little "scoop" of fame. 

In the pictures also the celebrities gelato scooper, Dee Dee.  

May, 03
Happy Birthday Little Prince!

There is a blond child we care a lot about and this year he turns 70. He asks many questions - sometimes he's almost annoying, especially when trying to fix an engine in the middle of the desert - but he is also wise and taught us many things, for example that dreams are something serious .... very serious.


We hope that in May you will join us to celebrate him and the 10th anniversary of our first store in Piazza Paleocapa in Turin.

Remember! Only those who see a boa constrictor digesting an elephant and not a hat are allowed.

January, 25
"From field to gelato: Grom's chain becomes zero impact " Filippo Massara

Grom has decided to completely remove the plastic from its stores in favor of Mater-Bi ®, an incredible material that is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, and made from renewable agricultural sources such as corn starci and vegetable oils. The allows us to reduce greenhouse emissions, the consumption of energy and of nonrenewable resources by completing a virtuous cycle: the raw materials return to agricultural land through processes of biodegradation and composting without the release of pollutants.

Click here to read the original story!

January, 15
Takaoka Saki recommends Grom's Cioccolato Extranoir

 "It's the kind of sweetness that cheers you up when you are tired!".

 The japanese actress Takaoka Saki recommends during the Tv Show PON Grom's Cioccolato Extranoir sorbet.

 Click here to watch the video.

 Thanks to Grom Japan for the subtitles. 

December, 20
Hot chocolate party kit. Or rather: a perfect december's afternoon instructions.

Check the weather forecast, pick the coldest and most freezing day and invite your friends for a hot chocolate party. Don’t skimp on whipped cream, biscuits and cinnamon. And most important don’t go out for any reason. 

Serving Tips: 

Soundtrack: Wham! “Last Christmas”.
Matching film: Frank Capra “It’s a wonderful life” .
Dress code: wool blanket and reindeers sweater

December, 07
Dear Santa...

I’ve been very good this year, and all I want for Christmas is gelato for all the next one. I know it would be difficult to put it in a box and carry in the sleigh, that’s why I ask you for a Christmas GromCard. I left cookies and milk for you and something for the reindeers (especially Rudy). Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating them, otherwise you won’t receive anything for Xmas this year.

P.s. Xmas Rulez!

From December in our stores: the Gromcard in a special Christmas package! Rechargeable, with unlimited life and no extra costs, the Gromcard is the best way to wish "Merry Christmas" to that special someone. Remember: better if shared ;-).

October, 30
Guido and Federico looking for the best coconuts in Bangkok...
... 'cause the search for the best raw materials never ends! You can find the pictures of their trip on our board "Grom's travels" on Pinterest:
October, 19
Follow us on Pinterest!
We would like to show you our family album and we decided to do it on Pinterest: you’ll find pics of our biological farm Mura Mura, raw materials and travels we made around the world to find the best ingredients . And, we are talking to you pinners, we’ll be happy to ripin your pictures on our board. Enjoy it on the couch with a cup of tea or, from November, sipping a Grom’s hot chocolate! Click:!
December, 13
Grom traveling with Illy Group
From today we have a new travel companion! The Illy Group, represented by Riccardo Illy, has acquired a small stake (5%) of Grom: it will be an exceptional opportunity for all of us to grow and improve further, pursuing the dream of producing the best Gelato in the world! All capital from Illy Group will be invested in our own future: it will be used for opening new stores in Italy and abroad (where Illy is present in 140 countries around the world) and for the expansion of our farm Mura Mura. As always... we will do our best, together with all the folks at "Grom" that accompany us in this fantastic adventure!
December, 13
Available from December onwards... for a mouthwatering gift.
This year at Christmas the GromCard is a real gift: hidden in a warm woollen mini hat, it is guaranteed to please your ice-cream loving friends! The Gromcard is a prepaid card that you can use and recharge for your purchases in Grom stores throughout the USA, instead of cash.
October, 29
… discover Grom hot Chocolate! dark, milk or “Bacio”, an intense flavor without thickening agents, guaranteed to warm your heart this winter!
- Milk chocolate: slightly sweet but not cloying… for those who love subtle and delicate flavors! - Dark chocolate: Ocumare dark chocolate by Domori. Full-bodied with a long lingering flavor - “bacio” chocolate: a match made in heaven between Creole Chocolate and Tonde Gentili hazelnuts from Piedmont… a warm but innocent “kiss” for our customers!
October, 21
Get ready to start the winter with the warm delicacies of Grom.
Choose from three versions of hot chocolate: dark, milk or Bacio, or realize the "Affogato" of your dreams, choosing your favorite gelato flavor in combination with the hot chocolate ... of your heart's desire.
September, 07
Grom opens in Piazza Navona
We are extremely proud to announce the opening of our second shop in Rome, small but very charming. It is located in Piazza Navona 1, on the corner of via Agonale. You are all invited on Friday 9 September, from noon until 10 PM, to offer you an ice-cream and to celebrate with us.
August, 09
A natural world...
...for a gelato full of defects! A gelato less foamy we do not use any emulsifiers: very rare if not unique in the gelato world. A less colorful gelato we don't use any artificial colorant. A melting gelato true, very true: our gelato melts faster. A gelato always different, we use only organic ingredients
August, 03
We had the opportunity to bring a smile to the children in the earthquake zone of Fukushima. We temporary moved our countertop to the Rikuzen Takada field. Adults and children have showed us their love for our gelato.
August, 03
Grom delivers to your boat in Porto Sole
Grom will deliver your gelato to Porto Sole (Sanremo). Order it by 20:00 at: 0184 59.18.06
August, 03
Finally Grom opens in Rome
Finally Grom opens in Rome Great success at the inauguration of our new gelato shop in Rome. Gelato for everyone, party and fun till late at night.
August, 03
Ready to go!
We are finally ready for the opening in Rome: we’ll wait for you on Friday June 3 in Via della Maddalena at the corner with Campo Marzio to celebrate together! All you need is GROM
August, 03
I like Grom
Pierce Brosnan enjoys a cool afternoon snack on a hot day in Los Angeles.
August, 03
Grom opens in Viareggio
Here we published the pictures of the beautiful day spent with you at the inauguration of our new gelato shop in Viareggio.

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