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Franchising in Italia

Thank you for your interest in our product and in our entrepreneurial idea.

We would like to inform you that the development of Grom in Italy is not part of a franchise - the only possible form of collaboration with third parties - but is through our own stores that are directly managed by us. Our primary goal is the quality of our product in which we invest all of our resources, and the actual production of our organic farm, Mura Mura, which allows us to concentrate on only a few exclusive development opportunities abroad. We collaborate with structured international partners who support us in guaranteeing organized and long-term future growth.

Franchising around the world

For our expansion abroad, we are looking for international partners familiar with retail locations and experience, and especially... passion for our product! If you consider yourself to satisfy these requirements, fill out our application.


Become a vendor

We travel and search the world for the best raw materials and carefully choose vendors who are as obsessed with excellence as we are. Want to introduce us to your product or service? Provide us with the following information.


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We would like to inform you, however, that we receive hundreds of sponsor requests per year. The offers range from non-profit to sporting and cultural events from around the world, so we have to choose wisely in order to invest efficiently and effectively.

This is why in 2009, we chose to focus only on certain projects which we believe in and contribute to annually.
The projects to which we dedicate ourselves are:

  1. The Principal of Slow Food, with particular dedication to agriculture in developing countries.
  2. An important rehabilitation center for those suffering from addiction.
  3. The education of two disabled children

Unfortunately we cannot and do not stray from our principles, even though we have and continue to receive hundreds of deserving offers.


The GromCard allows you to taste our gelato without having to open your wallet… and it’s the perfect gift for your sweetest friends.



Birthdays, weddings, graduations: whatever your special event, discover our catering services to sweeten your guests.



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We are proud of what we do and how we do it, and are passionate about answering your questions and hearing your thoughts. Write us here!