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This is another of Grom’s sweet ideas: home delivery,
Tell us your favorite flavors and the freshly-prepared gelato container will arrive at your house.
This service is available in the following cities:
  • Torino
  • Milan
  • Rome
  • Ferrara
  • Lucca
  • Genova
  • Padova
  • Varese



    ( and a suggestion!)

    What is a GromCard

    The GromCard is a pre-paid and rechargeable card that can be purchased in every Grom store around the world, and is used to make any kind of purchase at our locations (from a small cone to a 1-kilo container, and from a granita to hot chocolate…)!

    How much does it cost?

    The GromCard has an initial 20$ minimum, and can be recharged according to one’s preferences.

    But… does it expire?

    No! The card does not have an expiration date.

    Can the card be used in all GROM stores, both in Italy and around the world?

    The GromCard can be used in any Grom gelateria in the country in which it was purchased.

    A good reason to have the GromCard?

    To avoid having to search through your wallet to find change while struggling to hold your gelato and not taste it right away ...!
    It’s a smart and convenient idea, to be used and recharged for Grom store purchases. The GromCard automatically deducts the amount spent and then updates the remaining balance, allowing you to dedicate all your attention to the first taste (which, we know, is always the best!), without having to worry about finding and putting away loose change.

    The suggestion ...

    The GromCard is the perfect idea for an original gift: it is prepared in a tidy and elegant package, and can be personalized and signed by the purchaser. A gelato is a small moment of happiness, and we like to think that gifting a GromCard is like giving someone a smile...


    Thank you very much for your interest in our product and business idea. We would like to underline that we are in the phase of the development of some new markets, with a specific organization. Our main goal is to increase every day the quality of our gelato and the customer service. At the same time we are organizing the production of our own organic farm Mura Mura® with the goal to grow our business and brand in a sustainable way. In order to sustain our mission, we will approach very few markets, completely concentrated on the quality of our product, the brand awareness and the ability of the potential partner.

    Qualities of the potential partner:
    1- Passion for the product, passion for the service, commitment to our values and to the development of our brand
    2- Management skills and recognition as a high-end retail operator
    3- Knowledge of the real estate operations, with direct experience in the market to be developed and easy access to prime locations
    4- Strong financial background with ability to fund the development of our brand with liquid assets and east access to further capital resources
    If this description fits you, do not hesitate to send a detailed presentation of the company and the inquiry to .

    GROMART s.r.l.

    Registered office: piazza Paleocapa, 1/d
    10121 Torino (Italy)
    Head office: Strada Cuorgnè, 51/4
    10072 Mappano di Caselle (TO) Italy

    P.Iva 08654840019
    Iscrizione Reg. Imp. di Torino N. 08654840019
    R.e.a. 990256
    Cap.soc. Euro 1.815.800,00 i.v.

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