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A dream we've had for some time has finally come true: make real gelateria gelato available outside a gelateria.
Is it possible to make a pre-packed gelato using the best possible ingredients without adding aromas, colouring agents or emulsifiers? Of course it is, it just depends how badly you want to! We did research, we experimented and - let's face it - made some mistakes, but in the end we managed to put pure, authentic Grom gelato in a tub.

flavor of the month


If you are Italian and it's December, then there'll definitely be a Panettone on the table at Sunday lunch. First made in Milan as "Christmas Bread" long ago in 1599, Panettone is a traditional Christmas confection. In honour of this tradition, our flavour of the month for December is inspired by this symbolic dessert.
Our Crema di Grom together with the freshest candied citrus fruits and the juiciest raisins give life to a surprisingly smooth gelato - experience the magic of Christmas from the very first taste.

Enjoy it in gelateria with your friends (it goes really well with our hot chocolate) or take a tub home to share with your family!



IHow's this for another flavoursome idea from Grom - home delivery.
Tell us your favourite flavours and have a container delivered to your door - at the perfect temperature.