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our gelato flavors

Simply the tradition of Italian gelaterie: fresh high-quality milk, cage-free eggs, white cane sugar and only the finest ingredients from Italy and the world. Using only Carruba flour as a noble thickener requires that our gelato makers work even more diligently and employ more time in preparing the gelato to be served. We ask you to forgive us if this takes a few extra minutes, but you will be sure that our gelato-preparation is taken seriously.
We pay extra attention to the dosage of the cream we use, so that the gelato is not too fat, and we add only a little sugar, so that the flavor is not too sweet.

flavor of the month

Gelato Vanilla and biscuits

To create November flavor we started by choosing a cream base and adding that special touch of Madagascar vanilla, which together with the dark chocolate cookies creates a sweet taste... absolutely, to try!

Here is the flavor of the month


Gelato good as in gelateria...outside gelateria!
From today you can find our iconic flavors also in a tub: new size, same philosophy.

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