Hazelnuts, present in gianduia ice cream


The "Gianduia", seals the love-match between chocolate and hazelnut: a typically Italian taste reinterpreted by confectioners and gelato makers from all over Italy and loved by the World.

Ecuador chocolate, present in our icecream

Ecuador chocolate

The Nacional cacao is grown in Arriba Mocache, Ecuador, and enchants its connoisseurs with its floral aroma and notes of dried fruit. It is a cacao of superior quality, defined as “fino de aroma,” and is the ideal chocolate for sorbets, coatings, and chips.

Hazelnuts, ingredient present in Grom ice cream


Its distinct characteristics are its perfect round shape, its white flesh, and its intense aroma. Last but not least, our hazelnuts are easy to peel! This may seem silly, but it is a big deal: the shell is bitter and covers the natural aromas of the nut.

Nutritional facts per 100g
Calories1019 Kj
243 Kcal
Total fat14,9 g
   saturated fat2,6 g
Total carbohydrate22,2 g
   sugars20,5 g
Protein6 g
Salt0,11 g
Grom guarantees its customers, as evident in this ingredients list, the absence of the following additives in our gelato and in its ingredients: emulsifiers, colors, flavouring, preservatives.