Gluten freen products


We are proud to say that all our products are totally gluten-free.

The Italian Celiac Association (AIC) checks all our raw materials, recipes and production processes and has helped us to develop better procedures for serving our gluten-sensitive customers.

coni senza glutine

We are obsessed with the best and if we don't find it, we do it ourselves.

Since we couldn't find gluten-free products consistent with our philosophy (few ingredients, good taste!) we started looking into it ourselves and ended up fascinated by different corn varieties. So we opened our own bakery where we make biscuits, and not only for gelato. The cones are made to our recipe.

the grom bakery

A new dream: make the best biscuits in the world, additive-free and also suitable for consumers with gluten intolerance.

Biscuits from the Grom bakery are where the best quality raw materials and flour obtained from ancient varieties of corn come together. The flour is stone-ground for us by Guido Marello: the stone does not heat the flour during grinding so that the flour's own natural aromas are preserved and enhanced to the maximum by the other ingredients.

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GROM bakery