Photo of the marrons glacés

Marrons Glacés

Once again we have turned to people who - quite simply - make the best candied chestnuts in Italy: Agrimontana, a small business in the province of Cuneo whose careful selection of raw materials and meticulous attention to the preparation process recall the ways of a bygone era. And so that classic taste of autumn with real marron glacé pieces added to fiordilatte - the result is a fantastic gelato, with a clear, clean taste, to count among the few pleasures of a summer about to end.

Candied chestnuts, present in Marron Glaces


While ordinary chestnut is a staple ingredient of a great number of traditional desserts, the marron (a chestnut variety prized for its larger and sweeter fruits) is the protagonist of more refined and elaborated recipes. In particular, the marron is used "at its best" in the production of one of the most sophisticated and difficult to make confectionery product: the marron glacé or candied chestnut. Here, the marron is immersed in a slow-boiling solution of sugar until the nut is candied to the core and then glazed with the same sugar syrup. The end result is greater consistency, flavor and shelf-life.

Fresh whole milk


In order to have fresh milk daily, we chose to use high-quality milk from cows raised in Piedmont. The evaluations of the stalls and milking barn are even more rigorous: this allows us to gently pasteurize the milk, without altering its organoleptic properties, while maintaining its finest qualities.

Nutritional facts per 100g
Calories813 Kj
194 Kcal
Total fat9 g
   saturated fat4,9 g
Total carbohydrate31,6 g
   sugars23,5 g
Protein4,5 g
Salt0,12 g
Grom guarantees its customers, as evident in this ingredients list, the absence of the following additives in our gelato and in its ingredients: emulsifiers, colors, flavouring, preservatives.