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In 2003 we started serving mini-tubs from our gelateria in Piazza Paleocapa, Turin and the dream was to make real takeaway gelato available outside the gelateria - just as you'd get it from your local coffee shop or bar. Mini-tubs are designed for those who take their snacks seriously and think that gelato in different flavours is the perfect surprise dessert at the end of a meal. The recipe is the same as ever: high quality ingredients and no colourings, flavourings or emulsifiers.

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The flavor of the month of September will amaze young and old! Latte e Cacao was born from the meeting of two of the most loved and classic ingredients of Italian gelateria: milk and chocolate! To achieve this taste, the selection and the perfect balance between raw materials is fundamental: we selected Ecuador 70% chocolate, velvety and enveloping, which perfectly combines with High Quality whole milk. Approved by chocolate lovers!!

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How's this for another flavoursome idea from Grom - home delivery.
Tell us your favourite flavours and have a container delivered to your door - at the perfect temperature.

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