Strawberry Sorbet


And this is a great gelato classic, too often ruined by the use of colouring agents and aromatic pastes. The Mura Mura organic farm's experimental strawberry beds allow us to find the best variety for a sorbet. Once we've found it, we ask the farmers we work with to grow it for us and then ... we use loads: one kilo of Grom gelato contains half a kilo of strawberries. But watch out: the odd strawberry seed might get stuck in your teeth!



This fruit of very ancient origin, which is actually a group of small fruits (the tiny seeds you find on the outside of the strawberry), ripens in the early varieties from the beginning of April and is available until the end of July. There are many varieties, but it is rare to find strawberries of excellent quality, because too often they are picked still unripe to allow for the logistics involved in bringing them to the table. Exasperated by the difficulties in finding a product that meets our demands, we planted on the farm Mura Mura® a carefully-selected group of varieties from which to choose the one with the best characteristics for making GROM sorbets. We are nurturing and sampling the cultivars Annabelle, Syria, Mara des Bois, Clery, Dely, Joly, Asia, Cristina, aromatic Tortona and Murano.



Yes, you read correctly. Just as you would do, we chose to make our sorbets and Sicilian granita with water from "Sparea®" Springs. This water is born in a unique niche in the Piedmontese Alps and is extremely light and pure - ideal for accompanying the fruit from the organic farm, Mura Mura®. We are a little crazy… but you can certainly taste the difference!


Nutritional facts/100g

Calories492 Kj
116 Kcal
Total fat<0,5 g
   saturated FAT<0,1 g
Total carbohydrate28,5 g
   sugars28,5 g
Protein<0,5 g
Salt<0,01 g


Grom guarantees its customers, as evident in this ingredients list, the absence of the following additives in our gelato and in its ingredients: emulsifiers, colors, flavouring, preservatives.