Vanilla beans, ingredient present in Grom ice crea


Vanilla beans: they are the secret to our vanilla gelato. We have always believed that raw ingredients and flavors come first; that is why we gently open the vanilla beans and add them to our warm milk infusion. A dollop of egg yolk and white cane sugar complete the masterpiece! This process is lengthy, but it is certainly worth the wait! Taste it and you’ll see!

Vanilla, main ingredient of this ice cream


There are two different categories of Vanilla: the black vanilla and the red vanilla. The first one is the known between cooking lovers: the pod has to be soft, easy to cleave, with a pure and sincere aroma; the production of black vanilla (the one we use) represents a small part of the entire harvest.

Fresh whole milk


In order to have fresh milk daily, we chose to use high-quality milk from cows raised in Piedmont. The evaluations of the stalls and milking barn are even more rigorous: this allows us to gently pasteurize the milk, without altering its organoleptic properties, while maintaining its finest qualities.

Nutritional facts per 100g
Calories Kj
Total fat g
   saturated fat g
Total carbohydrate g
   sugars g
Protein g
Salt g
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Grom guarantees its customers, as evident in this ingredients list, the absence of the following additives in our gelato and in its ingredients: emulsifiers, colors, flavouring, preservatives.