Fresh berries, present in Grom granita

Wild berries

Nothing better than the perfect balance of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries to cool off on a hot summer day. The wild berry granita is dedicated to those who seek the ancient flavors of red fruits, now almost forgotten, because they know how to appreciate their decisive nuances, even if slightly acidulous. We want to reveal a secret to you: with a small addition of whipped cream, you will never forget this authentic flavor!

Fresh strawberries present in the sorbets


There are many varieties, but it is rare to find strawberries of excellent quality, because too often they are picked still unripe to allow for the logistics involved in bringing them to the table. Exasperated by the difficulties in finding a product that meets our demands, we planted on the farm Mura Mura® a carefully-selected group of varieties from which to choose the one with the best characteristics for making GROM sorbets. We are nurturing and sampling the cultivars Annabelle, Syria, Mara des Bois, Clery, Dely, Joly, Asia, Cristina, aromatic Tortona and Murano.

Raspberries, present in the sorbets on a stick


In these areas, raspberries are at their best thanks to the mild temperatures and the fresh and dry silica soil: raspberries are rich in anti-oxidant vitamins and are extremely refreshing during the hot summer months. The best cultivated varieties are the Heritage, Tulameen and Rossana.

Wild blueberry for granita and Grom ice cream


A very deep purple, almost blue color, the pleasant sensation of the skin under the teeth, an extremely fresh acidity and a unique and intense aroma: these are the prerogatives of a true wild blueberry sorbet, which is quite different from that made with the more common cultivated blueberry (known as the highbush blueberry). August and September are the months in which this bush, which is today a rarity (you won’t easily find wild blueberry sorbet in other gelaterias), graces berry-pickers and enthusiasts with its precious berries. However, we must be careful not to fall into the trap of considering only Italian wild blueberries as a superior product: the best areas for gathering wild blueberries, in fact, are in the mountains of Eastern European countries such as Serbia, Hungary and Poland.


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Grom guarantees its customers, as evident in this ingredients list, the absence of the following additives in our gelato and in its ingredients: emulsifiers, colors, flavouring, preservatives.